Denise Codding Sloan

Part-time Professional Artist & Photographer

I have been an artist since an early age. Both my parents had a natural ability to draw at an early age & I acquired their gift. My mother and I took up the hobby of photography when I was a teenager. Since I traveled across country a few times by myself (lived in N.Y. 2 summers), my camera was always with me. I was a Colorado native until 1998, when I moved to Santa Barbara, CA, then to Ventura, CA in 2001.

I chose a Psychology degree instead of Art Education, but studied art in junior high & high school, in gifted & talented art classes. From those instructors, I gained tremendous knowledge.  I am currently in Banking Administration and will go back to school to become an Art Therapist.

I want my buyers to feel the emotions when looking at the art, as I had when creating the piece. I also want them to feel they have a unique piece or art. Unique is my motto.

I believe that my purchasers deserve what they pay for. We can all shop at WalMart for the great deal, but if I'm spending over $100 for a piece of art, I surely want what I buy to be limited and not available to 1,000's of people. The integrity of what I do is more important than the money that it generates.

A career in Art has always been my goal, but I have not exhibited until the past few years.  I am a member of the Buena Ventura Art Association.  I have attended shows throughout California and draw for my employer in the Santa Barbara I-Madonnari Street Painting Festival. I also create mosaic tables, stained glass pieces, stepping stones, table fountains,  jewelry & more.

I have created a balance between my career in Administration and what I was meant to do in life - help people. I currently volunteer for the Dream Foundation as a Dream Captain, the Santa Barbara Breast Cancer Resource Center and also Court Appointed Special Advocates.


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I-Modannari Street Painting Festival


"Queen Zelda & Mr. Jazz"

"Nature's Love"


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Shows Attended

Santa Barbara, CA Ventura, CA Other Cities, CA
Harvest Art & Craft Festival 2001 Downtown Harvest Art Walk Festival 2002 Channel Islands Fine Art Fair 2003


I-Madonnari Street Painting Festival 2002 Downtown Art Explosion Show 2004 Warner Park Fine Arts & Crafts Show 2004 Woodland Hills
Goleta Lemon Festival 2003

Ventura Downtown Art Explosion - 2005

Palm Springs Fine Arts Show 2004
I-Modannari Street Painting Festival 2004

Ventura Summer Art Walk 2005

Ojai Art Show - Libbey Park - 2005
Goleta Lemon Festival 2004

Ventura Holiday Art Show 2005

Mother's Day Art Fair 2005

Sherman Oaks

La Cumbre Mall Art Walk

June thru December 2005

Ventura Holiday Art Show 2006

Rotary Fall Art Show 2005

 Sherman Oaks

La Cumbre Mall Art Walk

May thru August 2006

  Ojai Art Show - Libbey Park - 2007